Last Night on Campus

Man, is this place empty.  Lots of people have moved off campus already, earlier I saw a number of my classmates giving their families tours of the academy.  I thought last night was quiet but tonight I cannot hear a sound from anyone on my entire floor.  I wandered through two of the other floors and there were only a handful of people in.  I am sure there are still more people who just went out to eat or gather off campus.  I went with a couple of classmates to Five Guys burgers for supper myself.

I am two thirds packed now.  I THINK I have enough room to get Tracy and James back home without having to strap either of them to the roof.  If not, I have all my text books in one large box and I can mail it after graduation. 

Tomorrow after lunch I will move the rest of my stuff into the car and head for the hotel.  For once, I should be able to beat Tracy there.  Man, I am looking forward to seeing my family again, and this time, I don’t have to separate from them in just a few days.

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One Response to Last Night on Campus

  1. Dorothy says:

    Awesome! I am so happy for you!

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