The beginning of the end

We had our last section party tonight.  My last academic class was also today, in Death Investigation.  One of my classmates presented on a serial murderer they had worked in their jurisdiction; we also had a pizza party.  Kevin, my roommate, moved out this morning as his wife had flown in.  He is not the only one and rooms are starting to look vacant as people get off campus and move into hotel rooms with their families.  I am still on campus until Thursday, but I have begun packing up my stuff.

The section party was nice.  There were a couple of cornhole games going, though I still feel more comfortable calling the game bean bag.  We presented Rachel with a motorcycle helmet with all of our signatures and a plaque of our appreciation. 

It is amazing how fast time has gone.  It seems like it was only a couple of weeks ago I was wandering lost around this campus trying to find my way to the classrooms.  I can’t wait to see Tracy and James and Mom and Dad on Thursday.

A few pictures from the section party:







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One Response to The beginning of the end

  1. rdlethbr says:

    We are so excited too! Love you!

    MOM and DAD

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