Appreciating the moment

The moment I am appreciating right now is waiting to head to the gym to catch our bus to the Marine Corp obstacle course.  The title, though, has more to do with this photos:









Many of the tall buildings around the hotel we stayed at are displaying flags in remembrance of 9-11.  I kept meaning to stop and take some photos but we were always either going or coming back from somewhere, rushing to catch the crosswalk signal, or tired.  I never did take that photo but James did stop and took this shot, which I rather like.  Sadly, I think I got cross with him for doing it, or doing it without telling anyone at least.  Basically, I have a week left of the National Academy experience, by this time next week I will be packing up everything I have in anticipation of moving it to our hotel when Tracy arrives on Thursday.  I need to appreciate those moments.

Totally unrelated note, this is the last candy shot putt competition in Death Investigation from last Thursday:









Weather is foggy and it is still drizzling.  This should be fun.  I need to be in the gym ready to leave in less than 30 minutes.  Hopefully I will have some photos to post later today.

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