Irene came and went with no issues here at the Academy.  I went out to do some insect photography this afternoon.  I had brought my macro lenses and ring flash and not used any of them.  In Florida right now, it is the ideal time for insect photography with lots of flowers blooming; that is not the case here.  During my walk, I saw a few downed trees in the woods that looked like they were diseased already.  Lots of small branches stripped from trees everywhere.  The day turned out to be beautiful, sunny and warm but not too hot.  I probably should have made more ambitious plans but I am content to take the day easy, too.

All I have are a few shots from my walk:






































On an unrelated note, I have learned the CDC has finally awakened to the looming threat of a zombie apocalypse and now devotes part of their website to zombie preparedness.  Seriously!  You can read more about it here:

There are even posters you can order or download to help spread the warning about this looming threat.  Don’t let the zombies eat your brains, be prepared!


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One Response to Sunday

  1. rdlethbr says:

    The insect and deer pictures are GREAT! Glad that the storm did not do a lot of damage in your area.

    Love ya,

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