Riding the storm out

Actually, it is not too bad here.  I heard from another student that there are hundreds of thousands without power in VA but we are still fine here.  I thought I would check in one more time before I went to bed.  I did go down and watch Source Code in the forum.  They planned a double feature; I did not stay for the second movie.

Not much else to add.  Someone told me today that someone else was trying to describe me as he could not remember my name.  My description was “You know, the guy who looks like a conquistador.”  I like it!  I only have three weeks to try and get that spread as my new nickname, though.

If you are not completely sick of all my photographs and want more, Greg from Hawaii, one of the other section photographers is posting his here:  http://www.flickr.com/photos/fbina_246/  He and I are in different sections, obviously, have gone on some different trips, and don’t have any classes together, so some of his shots catch things I was not involved in. 

Some pics from the crossroads this evening:





























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One Response to Riding the storm out

  1. rdlethbr says:

    Hopefully morning will find you in good weather conditions as well! Enjoy these last 3 weeks!

    MOM and DAD

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