New Camera

The Samsung camera arrived today, along with a care package from Mom.  I took it out for a test run this afternoon.  I like it, it will certainly not replace the big cameras but it is nice to actually be able to control all aspects of the exposure even in a small body.  The only problem is it is a bit bigger and a good bit heavier than I expected, as well as having a very nice metal body.  I don’t know if I will want to take this camera on the Yellow Brick Road challenge run.  It will be excellent for sticking in my backpack and keeping with me during the day, though.

Nothing really interesting on my end today.  I went to classes, swam a mile, and did my laundry.  If I get run over by a truck on tomorrow’s 4.2 mile run, at least I will be wearing clean underwear Winking smile.  Tracy had a full day, though.  She got Kathryn to college and moved into her dorm and made it back in time to take James to his orientation.  She is pretty amazing; you could make a good case that I am superfluous.  We did try out a three way video conference with Kathryn tonight.  I did not have a good connection, possibly the Honduran guy three doors down who was watching a soccer match on his computer was sucking up all the bandwidth (it was hilarious though, he was wearing headphones and kept shouting LOUDLY at the computer as the game went on.  At one point there were three of us in the hallway debating whether we needed to rush the room and put him in restraints).  Oh, one more amusing story.  While I was video chatting with Tracy, she was trying to call James down the bedroom; he did not hear her and she was getting aggravated.  From 800 miles away, I could see what game he was playing on his computer, open a chat window, and tell him his mother was calling him.  Technology is cool.

I will finish off with some shots from the new camera.  I don’t think it will go with me on the run tomorrow; I have a case on order from Amazon that has not arrived yet.  These are basically test shots after supper.  For a compact camera, I think it did pretty well.

The Madison dorm, I live in the matching Washington.
The Madison dorm, I live in the matching Washington.








This is not telephoto, I was within ten feet of these deer.
This is not telephoto, I was within ten feet of these deer.








That is my dorm in the background.
That is my dorm in the background.








When you look at the last shot, you can see the smaller sensor struggles with high contrast shooting, the sky is completely blown out.  I also tried some indoor action shots in the Crossroads, the area adjacent to the cafeteria where people can gather to play games or watch TV.  The results were not as good as a real camera but better than any other compact camera I have used; overall I am happy with it and I expect to get better as I learn the camera’s capabilities.

There are billiards tables here but surprisingly, ping pong is the main challenge.  Some of these guys take it pretty seriously, if I tried playing it would be 21-0 and over very quickly.  Our Muslim students are celebrating Ramadan right now, so they tend to gather at the Crossroads until just before the cafeteria closes, then grab a “to go” meal to eat after the sun goes down.  Their fast is pretty strict, they are not even allowed to drink water during the day.  From talking to them, some are taking a variance for the Challenge Run days, though.

Hamza from Nigeria - he is celebrating Ramadan.
Hamza from Nigeria – he is celebrating Ramadan.








These guys aren't.
These guys aren’t.
















Noel from NYPD.  We are in the same group in Officer Involved Shootings.
Noel from NYPD. We are in the same group in Officer Involved Shootings.








Richard from Louisiana
Richard from Louisiana









Our laundry room.  Exciting, isn't it?
Our laundry room. Exciting, isn’t it?
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5 Responses to New Camera

  1. rdlethbr says:

    GREAT post, Tim! Yesterday you were blasting technology — today you are praising it! LOLOL!!! Glad that you are able to keep in touch with your family. I can see this continuing when you are down in your dungeon and Tracy is in the kitchen. Have a good day tomorrow!
    Love, Mom and Dad

  2. Kerri says:

    Hi Tim!
    I know you hate being away from your family and being around “others”, but you are doing an amazing job and making us all here so very proud of you. I’ve enjoyed reading all your blogs and I thank you for taking us along with you on this amazing journey.

    You look great even with all the facial hair! Hee hee! Stay strong and keep up all your hard work. You deserve this experience and all the rewards it gives.

    P.S. Tracy..where’s your site? I’d like to see the flip side of this journey from your side! ;D

  3. Tracy says:

    Hi, Kerri! I’ve thought about having a blog but then decided most of it would just be filled with me whining and I’d scare everyone away, so I’m refraining. I know several women who spend time away from their husbands and do it well… but I don’t think I’m part of those hallowed ranks (which include you!).

    I have come to the conclusion that Tim is enjoying several perks by being gone for ten weeks. These are a few:

    1. For the first time in more than a decade, I’m paying the bills. It sucks.

    2. He doesn’t have to cook.

    3. He’s missing two PMS cycles (I should get extra points for having to PMS all by myself with only the kids to scare). (James should get extra, extra points because he’s going to have to ride out the next one with no sibling back-up.)

    4. He gets to go out all the time (SO dinner, IOCP dinner, the Grove [which, if like church, is definitely NOT like a Baptist church!], etc.).

    5. He gets to wear a goatee and looks really handsome ( because gray hair on a man adds character and is considered distinguished ). I still have to pluck. We do both get to play with our chin hairs but for only one of us is it socially acceptable.

    6. He’s in the best shape of his life. I’ve gained back the weight I lost before he left and lost the itty, bitty muscles I was starting to grow in my arms and other assorted locations on my body.

    See what I mean about being whiney? I do, however, miss him so much every day. What’s really bad is that it’s been long enough now, that it’s become my new normal. I’m no longer shocked that his car isn’t in the driveway and I do have to admit that the yard has never looked better (sorry, Honey). But we’re on the downhill slide now. He’s talking about letting me keep paying the bills (yuck) but he will definitely have to start cooking again! I guess the goatee has to go even though I feel sure that, if the Sheriff could see him, she’d agree that chin hair is a good thing… at least on a man. 😉

    So, Kerri, thank you for asking how I’m doing. The short answer would have been “fine.” I have lots of support and our kids are really awesome, but ask me again over Labor Day and, even better, September 16th. I think the answer will be significantly different then. And, yes, I’m counting the days. 🙂

    Take care,


    • tlethbridge says:

      That was an entire blog post itself dear! I could have given you a guest spot, you know. You are amazing with all the things you are juggling. Just get the PMS out of the way before you come visit.

  4. Kerri says:

    I didn’t expect anything else and I loved it! One of my favorite things is watching you two together! 😀

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