Still no pictures

This was not the most exciting weekend, I am afraid it was dedicated to school work.  I did complete my lesson plan for ethics.  It is ironic, in the time it took me to make a power-point presentation and outline, I could have whipped out a twenty page paper, with far less frustration.  I am much better with narrative writing than oral presentations. 

I took a break from school work this afternoon to get in some exercise.  I ran the same 3.1 mile course we did on Wednesday and then swam 1.5 miles.  Never thought that idea of leaving the computer and going to exercise would sound good, but it did today.

I talked with some guys who went hiking on Saturday.  Apparently there are good hiking mountains about 2 hours away in the Shenandoah area.  They are planning to return in a couple of weeks.  If I can, I am going to try to join them, it sounds like a nice change of pace.  Hopefully they are not looking at Saturday that weekend, as Kamelot is coming in concert a few miles from here and I was planning to attend.  

I don’t have any new pictures.  One issue I have had is the big cameras, for all their benefits, are just too much to carry around for impromptu photographs.  So with my wife’s gracious permission, I have a small camera on the way.  I chose a Samsung TL500, which offers fast glass, a large sensor relative to other compact cameras, and fully manual controls.  Our last compact camera was from 2004, so it was time for a new one anyhow.

There is not much else to report here.  I hope this is my last weekend I will have to dedicate to school work.  I give my Evita Peron presentation on Monday and my Ethics lesson will be presented on the 22nd.  I still have a few more assignments to work on but the big ones are done now.

Have to take my thumb drive to the library to print my work for tomorrow so I will sign off.

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