Half Way There

Today marks half way through my NA experience.  I plan to do another weekend of school work; my last large individual assignment is still the Ethics lesson plan.  To give myself a needed kick in the tail, I signed up for the first day of the time period we will be presenting.  I also have two group assignments that are in progress.  Finally, I have assignments to do in physical fitness.  I have to do a dietary analysis and I am opting to create a fitness schedule for my second project; we got to choose the second assignment and that one sounded more useful than the others.

I did run into town and got my hair cut.  The recommended barber shop is owned by an Asian lady named Kim.  The haircut concluded with a hot towel on my neck and a brief neck and shoulder massage.  I don’t get this kind of treatment from my regular barber!  I think I will have to speak to her about this.  I also ran into Target, which was much nicer than the dumpy Wal-mart, and stocked up on supplies.  A guy from my section who is carless tagged along too.

I don’t have much else to report.  All the grades I have gotten back thus far have been A’s.  I kind of suspect the grading runs either A or B here.  Maybe you could get a C if you really did not put in any effort at all.  Of course, I think nearly all of my classmates are driven enough they want an A; otherwise they probably would not be here. 

No new photos to post today.  If I get some time, or I get bored, maybe I will try to shoot some more around campus.  Plans for tonight:  eat, swim my mile, and start on at least one of these assignments.

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3 Responses to Half Way There

  1. Tracy says:

    I should point out here that perhaps if you tipped better, your regular barber might have considered a massage and hot towel…

  2. tlethbridge says:

    But if I got a massage and hot towel treatment, I might tip better! 😉 I actually like your haircuts better, dear. She cut it short on the sides but left it longer on top. I will need to buy a comb to beat my cowlick into submission.

  3. Tracy says:

    You’re just saying that to make me feel better. I didn’t get to see you last night to evaluate her handiwork. After ten weeks, though, you’re likely to score a massage upon your return, even without the tip. We’ll negotiate for the hot towel.

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