A Portrait

Thursday evening, by this time tomorrow Tracy and I will be in D.C. together.  I am thankful TS Emily petered out, I was sweating the kids being at home alone with a storm coming but I was also sweating Tracy being forced to stay behind at her hospital due to a storm coming. 

There is not a whole lot new to report.  I swam, I went to class, I am doing laundry.  We saw our videos from the Officer Involved Shooting incident in Hogans Alley.  My recollection was good.  In fact, most everyone had been able to provide a good description of what happened; apparently most classes are not like that and people miss or mistake details.  This is not surprising and that is exactly what happens in genuine high stress incidents.

I have mentioned many of my classes in passing.  I thought it might be of interest to some people if I gave a little more detail about each class.  I will start with my favorite class, Leadership: Culture and Context.  This is one of the graduate level classes.  The instructor is Jerry Granderson.  He is good at his job and is a pretty deep thinker.  I have stopped by his office on two different Fridays for a quick question or hello and ended up staying to talk to him for hours.

This is the class I was assigned a research paper on Evita Peron.  I have turned that in, got an A+.  On 8/15 I will have to present my research to the class and then defend some of my conclusions concerning her as a leader.  I think I am ready for that part as well.

Jerry went to school to be an artist before he joined the FBI.  He told us his first day of class that he wanted to do a sketch portrait of each of us during our time here.  Mine was the second one completed, mainly because he got a photo of me while I was hanging out in his office talking.  He had it set up outside his office today and then presented it during class.  This is a very cool gift; it will displace an insect photograph somewhere in my office.

This one is me.
This one is me.







This one is Jerry.  People get us confused.
This one is Jerry. People get us confused.







Our class today was a war game exercise.  The actual lesson dealt more with dealing with reversals, capricious fate, and communications issues.  We were assigned different levels of command during a battle based on Gettysburg.  Our lines of communication were restricted up and down the chain of command.  Most everything you tried to do had a bad outcome, as you had to keep drawing slips from the Envelope of Death (patent pending).  It was actually fun in my opinion; my team dealt well together and no one got frustrated. 

As I said, I am enjoying this class most.  It is discussion and debate based and Jerry aims more for provoking thought than supplying answers.  I have one more shot, with my lousy phone camera, of the Envelope of Death just before we started the exercise.

Envelope of Death.  Nothing good comes out of it.
Envelope of Death. Nothing good comes out of it.

I hope everyone has a great weekend, including the portions of my family in Boston this week.  Don’t expect much in the way of posts from me this weekend, I plan to be busy!

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