End of the weekend report

Another weekend is coming to a close.  Hamza ended up deciding to stay on campus and work on school work, so Lim and I drove up to Springfield VA and took the metro into D.C.  We (well, I, poor Lim was kind of along for the ride), decided to try switching from the Blue Line to the Yellow Line, which offered a more direct route, at the Pentagon Station.  We probably did not end up saving any time but we did meet up with Robert, the chief of the Panama City PD and I learned there was free parking at the Pentagon station on the weekends too.  Lim wanted to see Air and Space, so we went there first, ate lunch at McDonald’s inside the museum, and then Robert needed to part ways with us.

Lim and Robert
Lim and Robert
Lim and I
Lim and I









Lim and I continued on to the American History museum for a couple of hours then headed for the Smithsonian Station.  The metro system has track repairs going in multiple locations.  Due to this, the trains are running on single tracks in places and frequently have to stop to wait for a train coming the other direction.  It was over an hour to get back to our car in Springfield and then I-95 was a parking lot and it took nearly two hours to get back to Quantico, the trip should take thirty minutes or so.  I think I will aim my weekends away from D.C. for the remainder of my time here, not including the weekend Tracy is coming up, of course.






















Lim is a Brigadier General with the Cambodian National Police.  According to him, that is not as high up the food chain as it sounds, as there are Lt. Generals and Major Generals and maybe some other Generals above him.  I still got to tool around D.C. with a general, though.  He is in charge of the division of their police that protects national heritage.  The combat artifact smuggling and protect historic sites in his country.  He was favorably impressed with the Smithsonians.  In his country, police officers can bring their firearms home with them once they make the rank of Colonel, though a Colonel can authorize lower ranks to bring a weapon home.  Apparently what firearm you have is a badge of rank as well.  The police force issues older Soviet and Chinese handguns; those officers who can afford it can purchase their own firearms to carry.  It sounds like the guys on the street are probably carrying the crap weapons and the guys in the offices are carrying Glocks and CZ handguns.

Once we were back I was able to video chat with my family who had gathered to celebrate Kathryn’s birthday.  I still need to swim my mile tonight and, if I have time, I will do more work on the case review for Death Investigations.

Closing with one more picture:

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3 Responses to End of the weekend report

  1. rdlethbr says:

    It was great chatting and seeing you tonight on your video chat! Technology is really amazing! We had a great time at Kathryn’s party. We laughed and laughed — missed you! Tracy gave Dad some of the cream she uses on Zeus. It is supposed to work wonders! It got passed around and everyone smelled it. Anthony REALLY liked it! 🙂 We have a wonderful family! God is so good!

    Love you,
    MOM and DAD

  2. Tracy says:

    Just so you know, there was discussion that the meaner half of married couples will outlive the nicer half. Anthony had absolutely no hesitation in stating that I am going to outlive you. I need you to come home and kick his butt for me. I’d do it myself but that would just prove his point.

    I’ll see you soon!


  3. Laura says:

    I think the issue was Anthony can’t admit that he picked a mean one as a best friend so long ago….it would question his judgement. Of course, he had no hesitation in saying I was going first. He once told me that he decided who he would date after I was gone too! He came up with someone i could date as well……too bad I was related to him! hahaha.

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