BAT 21

Our speaker for Thursday night’s enrichment lecture was Thomas Norris.  He was a SEAL during the Vietnam War, received the Medal of Honor for rescuing two downed pilots behind enemy lines, and despite grave injuries that cost him an eye, went on to become an FBI Agent and founding member of the FBI’s Hostage Rescue Team.  The movie BAT 21 is based on his rescue operation.  His lecture primarily concerned his Vietnam War exploits and was interesting, though the sound system had glitches that were quite frustrating at times.

The lecture ended at 9:00 pm and I decided not to miss another night of swimming.  I expected the pool to be jammed full but was pleasantly surprised to find it was not too bad.  I actually had the rare luxury of a lane to myself for almost the first half mile.  Looking at the board, there are several people who are well past their 34 mile mark; I know at least one is going for 100 miles. 

Friday we only have three classes; the schedule alternates so that each Friday we have one set of three and the following Friday we do the other three of our six classes.  Today was Ethics, Physical Fitness, and Leadership.  In future posts, I will go into more detail about each of the classes I have.

The session in Physical Fitness today was the first one I would call hard.  It was more if the brief intense exercises with 30 seconds on an exercise and then a fifteen second break.  We were concentrating on upper body and my arms were trembling by the end and I had a blister on my palm.  When those exercises were done, he had us partner up.  One person assumed a pushup position with arms extended and the other person did pushups off that person’s back (hands on the back, feet on the floor).  That was hard; the harder job being the person underneath trying to maintain position.

I weighed myself before PT and I am down another three pounds to 181.  This was a surprise as I have been eating quite a bit more and have added fruits and some other carbs back into my diet.  So I had pasta and a roast beef wrap for lunch.  It does not seem that I am exercising any more than at home, unless swimming is more effective than running or the five flights of stairs I climb to my dorm room multiple times a day are counting for more than I expected.  Anyhow, I guess that is good news; I stepped on the scale because I was afraid I had added weight.

The good news is it is the weekend.  I have an invitation to go see Cowboys and Aliens with the California Steves tonight.  I am also going to keep working on knocking papers out and swimming this weekend as well.  I don’t know if I will do anything else; I am ready to get off this campus for longer than a couple of hours.  Oh, here is a photo one of my classmates from Panama City sent me from the Law Enforcement Memorial:

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