More on Flag Night

Everyone representing Illinois
Everyone representing Illinois







If you want a good turnout, offer free beer.
If you want a good turnout, offer free beer.







I mentioned challenge coins and patches in my last post.  I did do some patch swapping and picked up some more from guys who had brought enough for everyone.  I also received a few challenge coins.  Highlands County does not currently have a challenge coin, I think we need to get one designed. 








Coins, pens, and pins.  Cops like shiny things.
Coins, pens, and pins. Cops like shiny things.







The thing that still makes me laugh is the lanyard pins.  Many agencies have lapel pins or tie tacks and a lot of guys brought those to swap as well.  They are the most popular item because we all have to wear lanyards with our ID cards wherever we go in the complex.  For those of you with kids, and I know this includes most of my family, it looks exactly like Disney World with a bunch of grown cops walking around swapping lanyard pins and proudly wearing their collection.  I did not have any to swap, but again, there were people whose agencies sent them with enough for everyone.  So I also have pins on my lanyard.  For a truly impressive collection, though, you need to check out some of the custodial staff, some of them have lanyards where none of the cloth material is visible underneath all the law enforcement pins.

My lanyard (I can't photograph the ID card)
My lanyard (I can’t photograph the ID card)







Today was another busy day of classes.  PT was immediately after lunch and I had to hustle to get showered and up to my next class.  There is a break time between classes in the morning but none in the afternoon.  In our Leadership class we watched a documentary on Ernest Shackelford’s last South Pole expedition and discussed lessons in leadership from that disaster.  The instructor in the Leadership class is Jerry Granderson, I think this will be my favorite class, and not just because he brought cracker jacks and potato chips for while we were watching the movie.

I am still feeling somewhat overwhelmed with the volume of papers and projects needing to be completed and the time available to do them.  The 150th Anniversary of the Battle of Bull Run is this weekend and there is a large reenactment scheduled.  There are supposed to be 10,000 reenactors taking part and I have heard estimates of a crowd 100,000 to 150,000.  The temperature is also supposed to hit 100 this weekend.  I had originally thought to go to the reenactment, since it is fairly close, but I think I will spend both days this weekend working on my projects.  Have an invite from one of the California Steve’s to go see Iron Man on Friday night, I will probably do that for my break instead.

Hope everyone at home is doing well.  Looking forward to seeing you all again.

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