Great Flood of 2011

It was Monday, so back to classes we went.  We had PT first thing in the morning and Organizational Ethics before lunch.  After lunch, I walked back up to my room on the fifth floor of the Washington Dormitory and found classmates emptying the luggage closet as gatorade green liquid poured into it from the ceiling.  The same liquid was also running down the stairwell.  This was particularly interesting, as this building has seven floors.

It seems there were workmen doing something on the roof and one of them cut the main coolant line for the air conditioning system.  A classmate showed me the video of the seventh floor he took with his phone; they were walking through an inch of coolant up there.  As there was nothing much I could do about it and the Academy already had people scrambling, I packed my books up and walked on to class.

In the afternoon was Statement Analysis following lunch and Leadership as the last class of the day, where I finally met my instructor.  I think I will like this class, it appears to be very history and debate driven and our instructor is pretty dynamic.  Unfortunately, I also learned today we do NOT get to choose our own historical leader for the paper.  We drew names of preselected leaders from a cup; I got Evita Peron.  Don’t cry for me Argentina, but I would much rather have done TDR.  Apparently we will also have to create a presentation and then defend our conclusions in classroom debate.  Should be interesting; it looks like I am going back to Amazon to order more books.

After classes concluded, we learned most of the seventh floor, some of the sixth floor, and a few of the people on my floor were being moved to the single bedroom dormitory on a temporary basis.  The A/C appeared to be non-functional immediately after classes but it seems to be running again now.  The 7th floor is completely lined with fans and that coolant has made the stairs fairly slippery.  My room is a few doors down from the evacuation area and none of my luggage was affected (it was in an adjoining closet and my suitcase was on top of my plastic storage container anyhow).

I did get two cards from Mom and Dad today!  Thank You!  I swam another mile before supper and shared a lane with my classmate who is so far ahead on the swimming.  He is doing two miles every morning and two miles every afternoon and his total is now 29 miles.  I don’t think he is planning to stop at 34.

Tomorrow I have to get to my first class early.  My Officer Involved Shooting class will be going to Hogan’s Alley for some kind of demonstration.  For the non-cops reading this, Hogan’s Alley is a mock town used for shooting training.  The name originated from the facility here at the FBI Academy and has become generic to any firearms training mock town or street, there is even a small one out at our firearms range.  I am looking forward to seeing the original and we are allowed to bring cameras, so I should have something worth posting tomorrow.

Until then, the fans of the seventh floor (which could be a good name for progressive rock band).

Fans of the Seventh Floor In Concert
Fans of the Seventh Floor In Concert
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