One week down

Today my section had our first regular PT session.  It was not too bad, half the class was spent on learning various methods of doing warm up exercises then we did exercises in the gym.  It was almost too bad we stayed in the gym, if we are going to be doing more running, today would have been a pleasant day to have done it.  I am sure the PT will get tougher, but compared to the workouts Travis (the trainer who helped get me started on a fitness regimen) put me through, it was pretty mild.

I also received homework assignments for the weekend in Ethics.  It is hard to gauge how much time I will be investing in completing assignments.  Every class except PT has at least one project or paper, some have several.  Well, technically even PT has projects, but they sounded fairly easy, I think keeping a food diary is one of them.  I am still continuing on the swimming and did another mile yesterday evening.  I aim to swim a mile tonight; if the projects get to be too much, though, swimming will be the first thing sacrificed.

Not much else new here.  It is kind of funny, now that I am going into the weekend the homesickness is hitting me hard.  I am really jealous of my classmates who live close enough to travel home every weekend.  I have made plans to go into DC tomorrow, taking two of the California cops who are here without vehicles.  We plan to drive up to Springfield VA and take the metro into DC.  I then plan to spend Sunday starting on the papers and projects.

That is pretty much it from here.  I did not have the camera out today, but these are some shots from earlier.  Pretty much any hallway you walk through here has some kind of plaque or memorial, many of them from foreign countries.  There is certainly a lot of history on this campus.

The inscription on the 9/11 memorial
The inscription on the 9/11 memorial
View from the other side.
View from the other side.










In memory of Royal Ulster Constabulary
In memory of Royal Ulster Constabulary







FBI Agents slain by criminal action
FBI Agents slain by criminal action
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3 Responses to One week down

  1. Andrew G. Lethbridge says:

    Well mom said that I couldn’t come visit with them if I did not leave you a comment on your blog.


    Hope your DC visit went great! You had a great time on your run! Did you swim in the lap pool at the beach at all when you were here? I can’t imagine swimming with 4 people sharing a lane! Need goggles and a head cushion!

    You should have a great time doing homework tomorrow!!! One more reason I never see myself going back for a higher degree!

  2. Rod T. says:

    Tim, I look forward to reading Lethbridge everyday. Ten weeks goes fast ,I am trying to plan the concert weekend to visit let me know if tickets are still available .

  3. tlethbridge says:

    Thanks Bro! Yes, this is making me rethink any aspirations to go for a PhD someday. Enjoy your vacation, I am looking forward to seeing ya’ll in September.

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