Here it is the first week, and I am already behind one day on my posting.  You should probably get used to it, looking at my assignment list, I don’t know if I can maintain a daily post schedule throughout this whole ten weeks.  Even though I am writing this on Thursday, I am going to do a separate Wednesday post.

The day got off to a rocky start.  I brought a brand new ergonomic keyboard to plug into my laptop and about five keys decided they wanted to stop working.  Then there was the medication error.  You see, at home, I have one Rx I take in the morning with my vitamins and that stays with the vitamins.  My insomnia Rx bottle lives someplace entirely different.  Well, you can see where this is going; here they were all on the same shelf and I took the wrong pill in the morning.  I realized my mistake almost immediately but there was not much I could do and I still made it through the day, if somewhat sleepily. 

Wednesday is enrichment day at the National Academy.  There will be various speakers and special presentations coming in during the time we are here.  It is also the day we will do our challenge runs; the first of which is not until next week.

This week we had library orientation and received our library bar codes so we can check out materials.  We completed vouchers for travel reimbursement and we had portrait and section photos taken.  Sadly, my goatee was not quite full enough to memorialize in a formal photograph, so I sadly parted with it Wed morning.  I do have nine more weeks to grow an even better one, though.  Mike took the photo below in the J. Edgar Hoover reading room in the library.  I like J. Edgar’s expression looking down on me, he seems to be thinking “Who let this schmuck in?” 

Me in a suit - you won't see that often.
Me in a suit – you won’t see that often.

After those tasks were completed I actually had a little down time before supper.  I wandered the campus for a little while with the camera and did my laundry; I did not separate whites and colors so I am probably failing FBI Home Economics as well as FBI Locker Room Security Protocols!

I did swim another mile last night, so I am still on track for the blue brick.  I am finding it takes about an hour for me to complete a mile, including a couple of breaks when you talk to the guy you are sharing a swim lane with.  The foreign students are really grabbing onto the swim challenge.  One of the officers from Eastern Europe told me it would cost him $8 to use a similar gym/pool facility for one day in his home country.

Couple more pics below.  I would like to say I got the shot of the deer due to my incredible stalking abilities but the pretty much let me walk to about 50 yards of them before they got skittish and moved off.  The horse fly was pretty cooperative as well, especially since I did not have a flash mounted.  My two fellow students are in the courtyard between the dorms that my window looks out on.  The female officer is Satwant, she is very high ranking in the Indian National Police.  The male officer’s name escapes me at the moment (you have no idea how hard it is to learn all these names, even though we keep introducing ourselves over and over again in each class) but he is from Cambodia.  The courtyard has the 9/11 Memorial in it, I will add some shots of that in a later post.  It hit me on Wed, though, that I will be up here for the 10th anniversary of the attack.

This mama seems to have two fawns, I don't know where the other one was.
This mama seems to have two fawns, I don’t know where the other one was.
And I thought I had a long trip!
And I thought I had a long trip!
Those eyes are cool, even if you don't like bugs.
Those eyes are cool, even if you don’t like bugs.
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One Response to Wednesday

  1. Dorothy says:

    Well I will admit the fly’s eyes are cool looking. Keep updating us. We are all keeping up with you!!!

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