Stand up and introduce yourself . . .

Classes started today, at least to the extent of meeting the instructors, receiving books and syllabi, and getting an idea of how tough the class was going to be.  My PT instructor is Kevin Chimento.  We did not actually dress out today; instead it was about one hour in the classroom and an hour getting instruction on the machines in the weight room. 

My second class was The Design and Application of Organizational Ethics:  A Communication Imperative.  Quite a mouthful!  I think I will like this class.  The instructor is Beth Coleman and she seems to be aiming for a discussion driven class.  Our main paper/project will be to research and create a lesson plan relating to law enforcement ethics and then present a twenty minute portion of the lesson plan to the class.

After lunch I had Interviewing Strategies Through Statement Analysis with Kevin Daly.  It appears this one will be tougher; there are several large assignments including a group project (I HATE group projects).  I am interested in the material, though it appears to be based on written statements.  Interestingly, the instructor advocated working to make sure your local prosecutor did not try to switch your agency to audio statements instead of written statements; we have used recorded audio statements for felonies my entire career, so I don’t know if it will be useful or not.  Might try to switch this class but I will probably stick it out.

My final class for the day was Leadership:  Culture and Context with J. E. Granderson.  J.E. Granderson was actually in Africa today, completing some other training, so another instructor filled in to brief us on the coursework and requirements.  This is one of the graduate level classes I signed up for and it has one research paper: a biography of a historical leader and an analysis of their leadership methods and style.  The class will focus on different leaders in history and their leadership styles; it sounds right up my alley and I expect to enjoy this class quite a bit. 

In each class we had to stand and introduce ourselves, well, in one class we had to interview a classmate and then introduce them, hence the title of this post.  I have classes with officers from Honduras, Cayman Islands, Curacao, Nigeria, Cambodia, and India thus far.  The woman from India is apparently either the #2 or #3 person in their National Police, if I understood her position correctly.  I ate lunch with an officer from Sweden who works on organized crime.  Most of their problems are coming out of Russia and Eastern Europe.  Surprisingly, he told me they have a great working relationship with Russian law enforcement and can generally get a Swedish warrant domesticated into Russia within a week.  If the suspect is Swedish, they are returned to Sweden with no problem.  If the suspect is Russian, there is an agreement worked out in advance as to where the suspect will serve his sentence if convicted.  Generally the agreement calls for the suspect to serve his time in Russia.  I rather suspect the bad guy would prefer to spend his time in a Swedish jail, though.

Tomorrow we have more administrative matters to take care of, Library orientation, and section pictures.  I should have some free time in the afternoon and I hope to do laundry and possibly get around campus a bit more with my camera.  Thursday I meet the instructors of the other two classes I am enrolled in.  Ended the day with another mile in the pool (still three to a lane most of the time) and a quick workout in the weight room. 

One bit of unexpected news:  there is something wrong with the A/C in our adjoining suite and it randomly makes loud screeching noises.  It has not bothered Kevin or I but was apparently quite a nuisance to the two guys in the room, so they are being moved.  At least for the moment, there are only two of us sharing a bathroom! 

I did not take a new photos today, but here are a couple of the library I took on Sunday:

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2 Responses to Stand up and introduce yourself . . .

  1. Anna says:

    You are making me want to go back to school. Enjoy the learning!

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